220 Carr Place Leederville 6007 Western Australia

Websites and web applications for Western Australian design agencies, small business, government and community groups.

Ray Stone has over 14 years of experience in web application design and development, with strengths in front end development, WordPress and, more recently, Ruby on Rails.


Ray started designing and building websites in 2001, after learning HTML & CSS during post-graduate studies in journalism.

After several years employment in web design related roles, Ray started his own business providing front end development, or ‘PSD to HTML’, as it was known at the time.

Ray has always enjoyed CSS more than any other part of web development, and considers this to be his main strength. Throughout 2008 and 2009 Ray coded over 100 designs, with an average of 4 templates each — that’s over 400 unique HTML and CSS layouts!

Finely Sliced has evolved over the last 5 years, and is now providing a mix of front end development, WordPress websites, and Ruby on Rails development.

If you’re looking for a local developer with an eye for design, contact Ray today.